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The Bad Review Revue

When A Stranger Calls "Long distance information? Get me Hollywood, USA: Iíve got a rusty ice pick to bury in the gullet of whoever greenlighted this pointless exercise in masturbatory tedium." -- Marc Savlov, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

The Pink Panther: "The Pink Panther ees, how you say, ze real dog. " -- Ann Hornaday, WASHINGTON POST

Annapolis: "It is the anti-Sundance film, an exhausted wheeze of bankrupt cliches and cardboard characters, the kind of film that has no visible reason for existing, except that everybody got paid." -- Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

Film Geek: "You'd be better off spending an evening with the collected works of Rob Schneider. " -- Elizabeth Weitzman, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Firewall:"Instead of dramatic tension, Firewall makes do with a lot of frantic typing at computer keyboards. It's like watching Microsoft's Service Pack 2 download for nearly two hours." -- Bruce Newman, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS

Underworld: Evolution: "Evolution doesn't have a shred of intelligent design." -- Ben Kenigsberg, VILLAGE VOICE

Posted on February 10, 2006 to Bad Review Revue