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The Bad Review Revue

American Dreamz: "The jokes don't just fizzle into insignificance; they flop about with gaudy ineffectualness, gasping for air like newly landed trout." Manohla Dargis, NEW YORK TIMES

Date Movie: "Rated PG-13 because 13 is the maximum age of those who might find it funny." -- Kyle Smith, NEW YORK POST

Failure To Launch: "Apocalyptically awful romantic comedy." -- Stephen Rea, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

RV: "The downwardly spiraling career trajectories of Robin Williams and director Barry Sonnenfeld intertwine like the ropes of a tangled parachute, and all the helpless viewer can do is look on aghast as the whole abortive fiasco plummets toward Earth." -- John Patterson, LA WEEKLY

Scary Movie 4: "Worse than Scary Movies 1 through 3. And they were terrible." -- Kim Newman, EMPIRE

The Da Vinci Code: "Ron Howard's adaptation of Dan Brown's best-selling primer on how not to write an English sentence ... is one of the few screen versions of a book that may take longer to watch than to read." -- A.O. Scott, NEW YORK TIMES Anil is right -- you should read the whole thing.

Posted on May 19, 2006 to Bad Review Revue