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In Which Predictions Are Made And Fulfilled

Me: Look, gmail now has built-in chat functionality. After years of avoiding the siren song of Instant Messaging it has now been unwillingly foisted upon me, and I therefore have no choice but to use my newly acquired powers to pester you at work. I shall do so every half an hour from this day forward.

L: You're bluffing.

M: Is that a challenge? OH IT'S ON!

M: I'm going to invent a light switch that shouts "OH, IT'S ON!" whenever you flip it up.

M: You know, for the blind.

M: Then I'll create a knockoff for kids that says "OH, IT'S ON ... BIATCH!"

L: I don't think kids have been saying "biatch" since 1998.

M: No way. If I'm still saying a catchphrase it is hip by definition.

L: And I'm pretty sure it's spelled "biotch." It's so played that it's probably in the MS Word spellchecker by now. I'll verify.

M: You'll start typing it and clippy will pop up and say: "It looks like you are trying to 'give mad props' to your 'peeps' ..."

L: Word actually says that it's "biotech."

L: (Feel free to make something funny out of that for your blog)

M: Um, thanks

L: It could be funny!

M: Yeah, but if I have to work to make it funny, it's not much of a gift. That's all I'm saying.

L: It's the seed of inspiration.

M: You people. You're always, like, "Hey, I ate a tuna sandwich yesterday. Feel free to couch that in the context of a some wacky and completely fictitious events, invent a bunch of humorous dialog to accompany it, and use it on your blog!!"

L: Whatever. Someday you'll be hard up for material and just cut and paste this conversation into a post, I'm sure.

M: Is that a challenge? OH IT'S ON ... BIOTECH!

L: And curtain.

Posted on May 22, 2006 to Conversations