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The Bad Review Revue

Little Man: "One joke short of being a one-joke film." -- Randy Cordova, ARIZONA REPUBLIC

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: ""The fool thing just keeps going and going ... and going. Does a Pirates sequel really need to be five minutes longer than GoodFellas? The flick should've felt like a sugary snack, not a hot-dog eating contest." -- Sean Burns, PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY

Goal!: "Suffers from a script so outrageously generic you could buy it at Costco." -- Ty Burr, BOSTON GLOBE

Guernsey: "Of all the modes of modern alienation, there is none so persistent and arbitrary as finding oneself trapped in a glacially paced European art film." -- Nathan Lee, NEW YORK TIMES

Lady In The Water: "It's as if on some semiconscious level, Shyamalan is calling his own success into question and daring his audience to gulp down larger and spikier clusters of manure, just to see if they will. Or he's lost his mind." -- Michael Atkinson, VILLIAGE VOICE

You, Me and Dupree: "Artistically, You, Me and Dupree is a mess. Technically, it's an abomination. Spiritually, it's a void. Commercially, it'll probably be a big hit." -- Ann Hornaday, WASHINGTON POST

Posted on July 21, 2006 to Bad Review Revue