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The Bad Review Revue

The Hitcher: "All thumbs." -- Desson Thomson, WASHINGTON POST

The Messengers: "A screenplay that has the sophistication and complexity of a college dorm message board." -- Tirdad Derakhshani, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

Epic Movie: "Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer must be stopped. For the last two years, this filmmaking team has created a series of spoof movies so feeble, shoddy and unfunny that they may be part of a diabolical, Manchurian Candidate-like plot to stunt the intellectual development of American adolescents." -- Jason Anderson, THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Because I Said So: "Not so much phoned in as it is auto-dialed with a text-to-speech prerecorded message in one of those creepy robotic voices." -- Carina Chocano, LOS ANGELES TIMES

Norbit: "If I thought hijacking a plane carrying prints of the film and crashing it into [Eddie] Murphy's house would put a stop to it, I'd go out and buy a box cutter right now." -- Pete Vonder Haar, FILM THREAT

Blood and Chocolate: "Werewolf flick that seems to have used up its entire special-effects budget on canine contact lenses." -- Kyle Smith, NEW YORK POST

Ghost Rider: "All the sugar-injected horsepower of a 6-year-old on a Big Wheel. " -- Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle

The Number 23: "Grips hold of one stupid idea and runs so far with it, in so many directions, to such little purpose, that it nearly won me over from sheer berserkoid effort." -- Nathan Lee, VILLAGE VOICE

Posted on March 02, 2007 to Bad Review Revue