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The Bad Review Revue

Mr. Brooks: "Has more tonal shifts than a Philip Glass concert." -- Michael Booth, DENVER POST

Ocean's Thirteen: "Why put so much sheen on a movie that warrants and provokes nothing more than mild diversion? It's like serving sloppy joes on fine china." -- Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

Firehouse Dog: "The lesson to be learned is that just because we can use computer technology to give dogs goofy faces, that doesn't mean we should." --Marrit Ingman, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Delta Face: "If you're hungry for comical interpretations of an errant war, may I suggest any episode of M*A*S*H--or, indeed, any episode of Fox News." -- Michael Harris, GLOBE AND MAIL

I'm Reed Fish: "Like being forced to read the diary of a dull-witted teen who is breathlessly beginning a lifelong fascination with himself." --Kyle Smith, NEW YORK POST

Miriam: "So bad it doesn't ever approach being good, doesn't even go from bad to good and back to bad again--just bad bad bad, all the way through." -- Charles Petersen , VILLAGE VOICE

Posted on June 08, 2007 to Bad Review Revue