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The Bad Review Revue

Meet the Spartans: "Hey, guys, when you repurpose a disco hit to poke fun at gay men, not only do you look like assholes, you look like assholes who rip their jokes off of YouTube." -- Kimberley Jones, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Hitman: "Like watching someone stupid play a bad video game." -- Shawn Levy, PORTLAND OREGONIAN

Strange Wilderness: "The funniest part of Strange Wilderness is the trailer for Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay that's running before it." -- Ty Burr, BOSTON GLOBE

One Missed Call: "If your cell phone vibrates while you're watching One Missed Call, go ahead and answer, because even a wrong number will be more exciting than what's happening onscreen." -- Chuck Wilson, LA WEEKLY

Over Her Dead Body: "Is to romantic comedy what Spam is to meat." -- Wesley Morris, BOSTON GLOBE

Posted on February 01, 2008 to Bad Review Revue