100 Things About Me!
  1. My name is Matthew Baldwin!
  2. I live in Seattle!
  3. I was born in 1971!
  4. I am married!
  5. I have a son!
  6. I have two cats!
  7. This site was largely inspired by Mighty Girl, Cardhouse, and MetaFilter!
  8. I spent two years in Bolivia as a Peace Corps Volunteer!
  9. Uhhh.....
  10. My favorite movie is "2001: a Space Odyssey"!
  11. My favorite band is Sleater-Kinney!
  12. My favorite mixed drink is the margarita!
  13. My favorite tv show is, uh, actually I don't watch much tv. Scratch that one.
  14. Sleater-Kinney isn't really my favorite band, either. It's just what I happen to be listening to right now and I kinda blurted it out. Maybe they're my favorite band, I dunno.
  15. Uhhh...
  16. My favorite punctuation mark is the exclamation point!
  17. Uhhh...
  18. Jesus Christ. 100 things?
  19. What the hell was I thinking?
  20. Oh yeah, here's another one: I'm a programmer!
  21. I spend my days, you know. Programming!
  22. My favorite ice cream is chocolate!
  23. All right, how many do I have left? Let's see, I've done 1, 2, 3, mmmmmm, shit! I hafta do, like, 80 more!
  24. Uhhh...
  25. I, uh, I like the Internet!
  26. I have a bus pass!
  27. Uhhh...
  28. I'm wearing pants!
  29. Screw this. I'm going to go look at porn.