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I like my job okay, but the lack of team spirit around the office is a total drag! We have a Community Group that's always organizing fun events for everyone, like Bowling Nites and Margarita Mondays and Yard Work Wednesdays, but no one ever goes because I guess they are too cool or something. And the worst part is that the people who don't go are the SAME PEOPLE who always complain about low morale(!!). IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY THERE'S LOW MORALE LOOK IN THE MIRROR PEOPLE!!

For example, today was Pajama Day. And did ANYONE else wear their PJs to work?? Noooooooo! And it's not like people didn't have enough notice: the memo announcing Pajama Day went out WEEKS ago! At first I kinda wished that I had brought a change of clothes, but the more I think about it, the prouder I am that I'm the only one who wore pajamas. (Although I don't actually own any pajamas, so I just came in the boxer shorts and "Chicks Dig Unix" t-shirt I slept in last night.)

Even though it's just me, I think Pajama Day has really raised morale around here, because I've been hearing a lot more laughter in the halls today. And I think that more people will participate the next time we have something like this, because they see that I'M not afraid to play along in the interest in a funner workplace. Hey, SOMEONE'S gotta be a morale-boosting-leader around here, and it might as well be ME!!

Update: At my supervisor's urging I reread that memo, and it turns out that today is actually "Performance Review Day". Isn't that awesome?! I'm going before the evaluation panel in 20 minutes, and I think they are going to be BLOWN AWAY by my team spirit! Wish me luck!!!

Posted on September 20, 2002 to Favorite Posts