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defective yeti's Puzzle Korner

You are Black. White has just advanced his pawn to e6. It is now your move. What do you do?

[Answer: Bishop to d5. Keep finger on bishop, rise, view board from overhead perspective. Return bishop to a8. Bishop to b7. Stand up, maintain contact with bishop, examine board from several angles. Return bishop to a8. Bishop to, in turn, c6, e4, f3, g2 and h1. Scutinize board after every move. Return bishop to a8. Mutter "fuck," bishop to e4. Remove hand from bishop. Quickly put hand back on bishop, say "Wait!" Vehemently deny you took hand off bishop. Insist you had tip of index finger on bishop at all times. Tell opponent if he really wants to win by cheating there's nothing you can do to stop him. Return bishop to a8. King to h7. Become irritated when opponent points out you are moving into check. Return King to h8. Stare at board for seven straight minutes. Jump with surprise upon realizing you can capture opponent's bishop. King to g8. Watch in dismay as opponent moves Queen to g7, captures pawn, announces checkmate. Stand up suddenly, overturning table. Say "Yeah?! Well maybe if you didn't spend so much time playing chess, your wife wouldn't be sleeping around!"]
Posted on October 04, 2002 to Favorite Posts