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White House Crush On Farres Leaked

The White House thinks Megan Farres "is a hottie" and may ask the Fairheights Junior High student to an upcoming Hallowing party, according to report in Tuesday's Washington Post. The Post received the information from a "high ranking administration official" who declined to provide his name, saying, "the White House would spaz if it knew I was telling you."

According to the informant, the completely confidental information was conveyed to eight or nine officials, and each was made to swear that he would not divulge the secret to anyone. "Especially not to Megan," the White House allegedly emphasized. "I don't want Megan to find out that I really, really like her."

Asked about the report at the daily press briefing, White House spokesman Scott McClellan flatly denied the charges. "It's not a crush!" McClellan exclaimed, adding, "When I find out who blabbed I'm totally going to kill them!"

After the briefing, The White House approached reporters and asked if Farres had seemed interested in the Halloween party.

Posted on October 07, 2003 to News