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The Bad Review Revue

The Haunted Mansion: "Lamer than Tiny Tim on a damp London day." -- Brian Parks, VILLIAGE VOICE

Bad Santa: "A frozen pile of reindeer droppings, the cinematic equivalent to passing a kidney stone." -- K.J. Doughton, FILM THREAT

Honey: "Amid the endless stream of catch-a-rising-star movie cliches are a few new ones, notably 'skinny girls always win out in the end' and 'hootchie bad, faux hootchie good.' -- Marc Savlov, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Gothika: "All the subtlety of a Judas Priest video." -- Desson Thomas, WASHINGTON POST

Timeline: "The trouble with this movie is basically everything." -- Wesley Morris, BOSTON GLOBE

Posted on December 05, 2003 to Bad Review Revue