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Matthew Baldwin, Perpilocutionist

There are so many fabulous words over at the Glossary of Linguistics and Rhetoric that it's hard to pick favorites, but here are some of mine:

  • Apophasis: Mentioning something by declaring that it shall not be mentioned. "I need not remind you to get your Christmas shopping done early."

  • Cacography: Poor handwriting; also, incorrect spelling.

  • Dontopedalogy: An aptitude for putting one's foot in one's mouth.

  • Exergasia: Repeating a point by using different figures of speech to give the impression of saying something new.

  • Exonym: A name by which one people or social group refers to another but which is not used by said group to refer to themselves.

  • Fis phenomenon: The phenomenon where children reject well-meaning adult attempts to mispronounce a word in the same way as a child. Child: "Fis." / Adult: "Yes, it's a 'fis'." / Child: "No, 'fis'!" / Adult: "Oh, a fish." / Child: "Yes, a fis."

  • Graphospasm: Writer's cramp.

  • Illeism: The practice of referring to oneself in the third person.

  • Litotes: Understatement by negating the opposite. "I was not disappointed with the news."

  • Mendaciloquence: Lying as an art; adroit prevarication.

  • Perpilocutionist: One who expounds on a subject of which he has little knowledge.

  • Tmesis: Inserting a word in the middle of another. "Hoo-bloody-ray" and "un-freaking-believable."

Posted on January 01, 2004 to Links