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Bugle Boys

Junkies ... On The Bus! (Another in a series ...)

JotB: The woman at the clinic said she wasn't gonna give me any more methadone. I told her I was totally fine now, that I didn't have the impulsive behavior or violent thoughts anymore, but she still said no. If she was a man I would'a hit her.
JotB1: ... so I told her, "hey, stop trumpeting my intentions."

JotB2: Trum-peting?

JotB1: You know, like a trumpet. Like, blowing your horn.

JotB2: Blowing your horn?

JotB1: You know, like talkin' shit.

JotB2: Oh sure. I mean, yeah.

Posted on May 03, 2004 to Conversations, Junkies On The Bus