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Boardgames On The Beat

I will be live on KUOW's The Beat this afternoon at 2:00, discussing my 2004 Good Gift Games Guide, the year's other notable games, and the Seattle gaming scene. You can also listen to the show online.

Posted on December 14, 2004 to Elsewhere


I ordered both Ticket to Ride and Memoir 44 after reading your article last week.

Thanks for costing me $65 ;)

Posted by: Chris on December 14, 2004 10:26 AM

Thanks for the tips matt, got my dad bohnanza as part of his gifts this year. Might be something he can get mom to play...

Posted by: Micah on December 14, 2004 2:17 PM

The show is available online *now*... I love KUOW's turn-around on getting programs online. The show ended less than 30 minutes ago and it's online. :) Listening now. :)

Posted by: Stesmo on December 14, 2004 3:27 PM

Really nice interview and discussion!

Posted by: Stesmo on December 14, 2004 3:50 PM

Just stopping in to say hello and to congratulate you on your recent nomination at the BoB Weblog Awards 2004.


Posted by: Genuine on December 14, 2004 8:19 PM

This is the second year running I caught this on the Beat. Last year it led to an entire year of great games with my friends. I hope this year will be the same! YAHOO!

Posted by: Kristian on December 14, 2004 10:25 PM

Sureal. Doing the dishes in the East End of London whilst listening to a Seatle radio broadcast about a high school mariachi band.

Oh, and you were great too Mat!

Posted by: Paul on December 15, 2004 5:16 AM

I caught part of the interview. Part of me seethes with jealousy, but the better part was impressed - you did well, son! :-)

Posted by: The Zero Boss on December 15, 2004 1:47 PM

Wow, that was WAYYYYY too long for anyone to read.. or write.

Posted by: Wedge on December 16, 2004 5:22 AM