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Chatting with a friend:

Me: So what's up with you and T.? Still feuding?

K: Yeah.

M: Come on. You guys need to either patch things up or stop hanging out.

K: I know, I know. A few weeks ago we did try to uhhhhhm ... you know, to, uhhh ...

M: "Bury the hatchet?"

K: Right, exactly.

M: But it didn't work?

K: No, because I'm still mad, and I really didn't want to bury the hatchet. So I made a big show of burying, but it wasn't really the hatchet I was burying. I was burying something else and secretly keeping the hatchet, like, hidden behind my back, so I could hang onto it for later.


K: Whoa, I way over-extended that metaphor.

M: I didn't want to say anything.

Posted on January 04, 2005 to Conversations