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Monday Morning Odds & Ends

Why no entry for Friday? Well, I wrote a nice, long post, but then The Morning News swooped in and nicked it. So it will be appearing over there sometime this week.

Speaking of The Morning News, I'll be working on a sequel to my "Tricks of the Trade" article and the TotT book proposal this next week, so if you have any submissions, now's the time to get them to me. For examples of good tricks, see the original essay at The Morning News.

Moved the announcement of my reading with Kevin Guilfoile up a post because I am dumb and got the date wrong ...

Also! It appears that, for the second time after having been nominated for a Bloggie in the "Most Humorous Website" category, defective yeti again wound up as a bridesmaid and not a bride. Obviously I am crushed, but I shall keep my chin up. My motto, after all, is: There are no "losers," only "winners" that consistently fail.

And furthermore! I am currently involved in a grudge match with Mark Bottrell and he threated to unlink my blog from his blog and I was unable to retaliate because I have not linked to his blog from my blog so I have added his blog Ufcker to my sidebar so I can unlink it if things get any worse between us.

Posted on March 14, 2005 to dy