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Wearing That Cross Must Have Been Uncomfortable

Me and The Queen chit-chat after work:

The Queen: Have you heard the Pope speak?

Me: Which Pope?

Q: The one who just died.

M: Have I heard him speak? Since he died? No, have you?

Q: Yeah. They had some clips of him on NPR today.

M: What's was he saying? "Braaaaaaaaaains! Braaaaaaaaaains! But no condoooooooooms!"

Q: No, these were clips from before he died.

M: Ah.

Q: I'd never heard him speak before, and his voice sounds just like somebody else's.

M: Whose?

Q: Someone really famous.

M: Okay.

Q: Do you want me to tell you?

M: Or I could just listen to the clips online.


M: But you're clearly dying to tell me. So, okay: who does the Pope sound like.

Q: Dracula. A really, really bad Dracula.

Judge for yourself.

Posted on April 07, 2005 to Conversations