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Catch 3.14

I notice that that Guinness Book of World Records has an entry entitled Most accurate value of pi:

As continuation of a long-running project, Yasumasa Kanada of the University of Tokyo has calculated the number pi to 1,241,100,000,000 decimal places.
Observation: You can't call it "accurate" unless you verify the number by independently calculating pi out to the same decimal place; if you independently calculate pi out to the same decimal place then Kanada calculation is no longer a world record.

Also: Most Popular DJ-Simulation Video Game? Most Latex Feet Made For a Movie? Farthest Spaghetti Nasal Ejection?! Come on. By that standard I probably set the record for "Most Ounces Of Poached Egg And Corn Beef Hash Enjoyed By a Matthew Scott Baldwin On January 18, 2006" just this morning.

Posted on January 18, 2006 to Observations