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Prize Fight

Uggh. MSNBC's coverage of the 2006 Nobel Prize Awards is awful! I hate how they only air categories that Americans are way into (Medicine and Physics) during prime time -- I had to stay until until 3 AM to see Chemistry. And the "bios" of all the participants are so sappy -- every scientist "overcame adversity" and "stayed true to his vision" and blah blah blah. JUST SHOW US THE CHEMISTRY ALREADY??!

Honestly, half my irritation is just because I can't stand the commentators, how they are always pointing out every mistake of the contenders. Yesterday I was watching Ryszard Kapuscinski compete for the Literature prize and Bob Costa was all, like, "Ooo, he didn't put a comma after the third item in the series -- that's gonna cost him" and "While the regulations against starting a sentence with a conjunction have been eased in recent years, the judges might still frown upon that opening 'but'." Eventually it got so bad that Kapuscinski turned around and asked Costas to shut up because he was trying to finish his essay, and after that Costa whispered for a little bit, but a few minutes later he was back to his normal, bellowing self. I don't even know why Kapuscinski let the camera crew into his house in the first place.

Plus, it's just gross the way they have the "PRIZE COUNTER" in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen all the time. Okay, yes, it's USA 6, the rest of the world 0 -- we know, you don't have to keep rubbing it in!! That's exactly why I usually watch my Nobel Prize coverage on Canadian TV. But, you know, I don't even know if I'm going to watch it at all any more. The whole doping scandal in the Peace prize category is just disgusting.

Posted on October 10, 2006 to Humor