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Plugapalooza: Lottie's Lounge

Josh Davis and I both worked at Amazon.com during the zenith of Dotcom Mania. While most of us, upon escaping the clutches of the World's Largest Bookstore, just staggered into similar careers elsewhere -- customer service, IT support, website design, and the like -- Josh had Big Dreams, and set out to pursue them. He studied mixology, became a bartender, worked his way up from dives to cocktail lounges, and, less than a decade after starting down this road, purchased his first bar, lovely lovely Lottie's Lounge. Oh, and along the way he also married one of my best friends. NICE WORK JOSH! P.S. The pesto linguine kicks ass. -- MB

Okay, so my first attempt at writing something about Lottie's Lounge sounded like a plug for a Ronco product or maybe a nice-smelling perfume. And while our food is delicious and the smells of Lottie's are typically pleasant, Lottie's is neither a rotisserie nor is it something quite as chic as Paris Hilton's latest fragrance. So, like the coffee shop that became a bar, and then the bar that became a coffee shop and a bar, I'm making an effort to redo the first perception and talk about Lottie's Lounge for what it is.

The thing is that I don't know what Lottie's Lounge is. You would think that a place where I have spent the last two years of my life--the last year roughly 75 hours a week--I would have some idea of what the place is. I could say it's my lover but that just isn't a very welcoming way to describe a building. I could say it's my wife, but my real wife would probably not like that. I could say it's my job or my child or some other metaphor, but those don't do it justice. It's not that Lottie's doesn't have an identity (it almost literally oozes an identity) it's just that it can't really be described. It has history. It makes people happy. It's family, not just for me but for everyone who walks through the door. That's all I know. People come to drink coffee, to eat food and to drink booze (sometimes in large quantities). People come to see their friends and to gather. People come to hear music and to laugh and to sometimes cry if necessary.

So even without knowing exactly what Lottie's Lounge is, I know it is a good place for good people. It's a good place for good food and it's a good place for good drinks. It's not a place that is fancy like the Dial-O-Matic nor is it a place that wants you to smell pretty like Britney Spears (or at least like her perfumes, because she probably smells like a bucket of fried chicken and a spent Marlboro 100), but I digress. Lottie's is just a place where you end up and find that that is where you wanted to be.

Lottie's Lounge is located in historic Columbia City on the corner of Rainier and Ferdinand in Seattle, Washington.

4900 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118


-- Josh Davis

Posted on January 30, 2007 to Plugapalooza