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A Selection Of Articles "Speedy Deleted" from Wikipedia in February 2007

February 1: Ball Sweat

February 2: Fiction Deaths

February 3: Assorted Bargains

February 4: Chinese muslims studying overseas

February 5: How to Successfully Complete Online Offers for Free Stuff

February 6: Fog pump

February 7: Air Poo

February 8: Influence of Music

February 9: Ultramaterialism

February 10: Polydimensional industrial bio-cosmic psychology of microscopic bacterium

February 11: Saturday (Carpenters song)

February 12: Random Article

February 13: Temple of the Jedi Order (Real)

February 14: Clown Suit

February 15: FIFA World Cup 2022

February 16: Characters in Sonic Riders 2

February 17: Scouting in Greater Manchester East

February 18: Jabba and slaves

February 19: Goatsurfing

February 20: Sigil Studio

February 21: The Angry Video Game Nerd

February 22: Medieval crimes and punsih ment

February 23: Dark Super sonic the hedgehog

February 24: Workin Title (Myspace Comedy Series)

February 25: Cheesemonger

February 26: Straid Lazed

February 27: Ape jazz

February 28: Pewter Report (magazine)

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