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The Bad Review Revue: The Siege of Paris

Critics are raving over The Hottie and the Nottie!

"Preposterous, disingenuous, remarkably unfunny and genuinely distasteful." -- Maitland McDonagh, TV GUIDE

"Crass, shrill, disingenuous, tawdry, mean-spirited, vulgar, idiotic, boring, slapdash, half-assed, and very, very unfunny." -- Nathan Lee, VILLAGE VOICE

"It's not like Paris Hilton to rise above her material, but The Hottie and the Nottie sinks so low that all she has to do is stand upright." -- Sam Adams, LOS ANGELES TIMES

"'This movie hates women' is written over and over in my notebook, but that's not quite fair. This movie hates unattractive women." -- Suzanne Condie Lambert, ARIZONA REPUBLIC

"Great actors make the craft look easy. In this Paris Hilton comedy, acting looks very, very difficult." -- Kyle Smith, NEW YORK POST

"How bad is this feature from deservedly unknown director Tom Putnam? How's this?: It's a blot on Paris Hilton's dignity." -- Andy Klein, LOS ANGELES CITYBEAT

"Heidi Ferrer's screenplay...succeeds at just one thing: trumpeting one of the most anti-feminist messages in recent film history." -- Jessica Reaves, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"This pea-brained vanity production..." -- Nell Minow, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

"This gross-out-on-camera ... " -- Rex Reed, NEW YORK OBSERVER

"This tasteless train wreck ..." -- Jeannette Catsoulis, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"This comedy abomination ..." -- Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

"Imagine the worst movie you've ever seen. Got it? Now try to think of something worse. That something is this movie." -- Connie Ogle, MIAMI HERALD

Current Rotten Tomatoes composite score: 7%.

Posted on February 08, 2008 to Bad Review Revue