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We Hates It, We Hates It Forever

In bed reading, before we turn off the light:

Me: Oh hey, guess what: Guillermo del Toro might direct The Hobbit.

The Queen: Oh.

M: Yeah, and they are going to break the novel up into two movies.

Q: [Returning her attention to her book] Mm.

M: Ah c'mon, I thought you'd be interested. You loved Pan's Labyrinth.

Q: Yeah, but I hated The Hobbit.

M: You didn't even read it!

Q: I tried to read the other books, but they were super long and boring. So why would I read The Hobbit?

M: Because it's much simpler than the Lord of the Rings. It's almost a kid's book.

Q: But I hate fantasy.

M: Wha-?!

Q: I hate fantasy. Of course I do. When have I ever said otherwise?

M: Every 20 minutes for the last eight years, in reference Harry Potter.

Q: The Harry Potter books were great.

M: You always do this. You always say you "hate" things that you like just fine. Like, remember the day you told me you hated jazz, and I pointed out that you like Louie Armstrong and Elle Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday and Miles Davis?

Q: Well, I just like a little bit of everything.

M: "Liking a little bit of everything" is not the same as "hating everything."

Q: Yes, but the advantage of saying "I hate everything" is that it usually stops people from yammering on about The Hobbit.

Posted on March 17, 2008 to The Queen