Write the Docs PDX 2020
Read the Rules: What Technical Writers Can Learn from Board Game Design

Hello, and thank you for listening to my Write the Docs talk and/or stumbling across this page accidentally!

Addiitonal thanks to Write the Docs Portland for hosting my presention, Microsoft for sponsoring the conference (and employing me for 15 years), and Mike Selinker, from whom I stole the "squares are hexigons" example (it originally appeared in his essay Writing precise rules, from The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design).

The slide deck is here. Below is every game from my presentation, in order of appearance. I recomend them all, with those denoted by a ✭ especially good for those new to the tabletop gaming hobby.
While I got ya, here are ten more recommendations. And you can find 12 years of additional recommendations here. Thanks again!

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