The Cliche Rotation Project

The problem with cliches is that they are just so darned ... you know. Cliche.

The Cliche Rotation Project intend to change all that. Through it, we will replace our current set of cliches with new ones of equivalent meaning. For example:
Old & BustedNew Hotness
Made a mountain out of a molehillSaw a duck and shouted "dragon!"
Quiet as a church mouseSilent as a shadow's whisper
Ready and willingOn it like a bonnet
Wore his heart on his sleeveFlew his feelings from a flagpole
And so forth.

The first batch of CRP entries were posted here, but we're always on the look out for more. So if you have a substitute cliche you'd like to contribute, use the form below, or email it to

If you needs some cliches to get started, go here, browse here, or pick one off this list.

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